Ready to Rock Facebook Live?

Increase Your Visibility, Attract More Clients and Increase Your Income | taught by Georgia Lee London

Course description

Step into the Facebook Live spotlight to increase your visibility, attract more clients and increase your income. Facebook Live will help you take your business to the next level.

You will discover:

  • How to create a compelling Facebook Live that will bring you more leads, likes and sales!
  • The Secret New Tool that Allows you to Screen Share and Have Multiple Presenters on Facebook Live.
  • How to get 13% more Views by Adding Captions to Your Facebook Videos.
  • How to Host Your Very Own Live TV Show on Facebook
  • How to Set Up an Affordable Home or Office Studio
  • And much more!
Georgia Lee London
Georgia Lee London

Georgia Lee London helps women who need a KICK in the pants to get over their “I’m not good enough” story, recover from procrastination and perfectionism so they can create the passionate, purposeful and profitable business their soul is calling out for them to do.

Georgia Lee London

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